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CADTalk works under a floating license and will require a license manager service. Most customers load this service on their ERP utility server as it uses very little resources. Since the license service is set up for the particular license server we will need to get some information about the server before we can create it. The "license requester tool" can be downloaded from this article (SEE ATTACHED)  Run this license request utility on the server the service will be running on. This will give us the machine code for the server. Please copy and paste this code along with the network name (or IP address) of the server in an email and send that to us at Once we get that we will create the license server for you and put on the portal for you to download.

Once you receive the license service (.zip file) package from us, the following information will help you with the installation.

Installing CADTalk License Service

To deploy the license service to the customer, simply copy the license service folder (inside of the zip file) to that customer computer which will act as the designated server to listen and reply to requests for activation. The service can be run as a Windows application or a Windows service:

Running as a Windows Application

To run the license service as a Windows application, simply run the LicenseServiceApp.exe application that is present in the root folder (not the copy present in the 'bin' sub-folder).

Running as a Windows Service

To run the license service as a Windows service, use the command line as follows :

    Install the service:

    LicenseServiceApp.exe action=install

This installs the service and when started, the service will run as the LocalSystem account. To specify the username and password, use:

    LicenseServiceApp.exe action=install username=<<username>> password=<<password>>

    LicenseServiceApp.exe action=install username=MYDOMAIN\MainUser password=MainUserPassword

    Note: The username that is specified must be configured to have the 'Log in As Service' right via the Local Security Policy.  

Start the service:

LicenseServiceApp.exe action=start

Stop the service:

LicenseServiceApp.exe action=stop

Uninstall the service:

LicenseServiceApp.exe action=uninstall


You can combine the silent=true command line option with any other option to prevent the display of error or informational messages.

LicenseServiceApp.exe action=start silent=true

The LicenseServiceApp.exe returns a process exit code of 0 if the specified action was completed successfully, else it returns a 1 on failure.


When your license service is up and running, a CADTALK user would populate their license dialog with the property server URL in the format:  (where the IP address would be replaced with yours).  See screenshot below for further clarification.

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